Project management

Time, cost and quality in perfect harmony

Good project management requires a delicate balance between time, cost and quality. At the same time, the project has to focus on profit realization, and always deliver a good result.

What can Venturis offer?

Venturis offers project management and program management services for all types of businesses. Our core expertise lies in the boundary between IT and business.

Our project managers

Our project managers have extensive experience from a number of private and public projects. They are independent, set clear goals and deliver projects at the agreed time, cost and quality.

All our project managers are certified within the most used project engine frameworks (Prince2 and SCRUM).

A successful project

A successful project requires a good management model. We help you find the right balance between methodology, time, cost and quality that suits your project.

Our project managers have experience from projects where customers want to implement cost-reducing measures, make better use of IT systems, digitize manual processes, introduce new IT systems, make business model adjustments, focus more on core business and work smarter.

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