Google Ads

Advertising with Google Ads is just as suitable for large companies with a global market as for smaller companies with a local catchment area. The great thing about Google Ads is that the tool provides countless opportunities for targeting and control. The ads can be easily adapted to your budget and your geographical catchment area.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a concept most people today should or must have knowledge of.

The distinction between digital and analogue domain is becoming increasingly blurred, and digitalisation has undoubtedly led to major changes and improvements in the way we work with marketing.

Strategic Advice

Venturis’ advisory strategy is based on a simple principle; identification and realization of real business value. Our expertise covers digital strategy and marketing, organizational change, business development, ICT management and ICT strategy, project and program management, as well as management for hire.


Times change, and your website can be your customers’ first encounter with your business. Research shows that you have an average of 7 seconds to convince a visitor.

This means that a professional design, content and experience becomes very important. Venturis offers everything from production and design, to content, marketing and analysis.

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