Digital Marketing

Our services

Venturis offers a range of tailor made services for all types of businesses. Our services include design, customization and maintenance of web pages, search engine optimization, web analytics, digital marketing and strategic consulting.


Google AdWords

Digital marketing with Google

AdWords is Google’s advertising system where anyone can enter and bid on ad space linked to specific keywords. With Google AdWords, advertisers can now access people who are actively searching for their products or services. Google AdWords provides access to both Google’s search network and several million partner sites, offering a variety of different formats (CPC, eCPC, CPA, Display, etc.).

Venturis has certified (Google Certified) expertise on Google AdWords, and can help your company set up, optimize and run your digital ad campaigns. Our focus is on delivering a value-added service, regardless of whether you want more traffic, or specific sales / conversions.

Management Consulting

Focus on real business value

Venturis strategic advisory services are based on a single principle – identification and realization of real business value.

Our expertise covers digital analysis, strategy and marketing, organizational change, business development, ICT management and ICT strategy, project and program management, as well as management for rental. Why not contact us to talk about how we can help maximise value in your business?